10+ People Who Said They're "Not Really Cat People" December 01 2017

We all know someone that doesn't like cats. Maybe it's your cousin, your roommate, or your Uncle Ted. Whether they're a staunch "Dog Person" who's drawn a line in the sand or they're a straight-up ailurophobe, anti-cat enthusiasts usually jump at the chance to declare their dislike of the feline species. "They're evil! They're bad luck! They'll scratch your eyes out, kid!" The cat hater doth protest too much, methinks. 


1. "No, I don't want to hold the kitten." Said no one ever.


2. "Got Leeroy a couple weeks back. Girlfriend didn't want a cat and still tells friends she hates him. Yeah, okay."


3. "My Dad, who hates cats, built a bunk bed for my boys."



4. My Dad Never Wanted A Cat, And Look At Him Now


5. "Dad says he doesn't like the cat, saw this."


6. Our cat only loves our dad, who hates her


7. "When we met thirteen years ago he told me, "I'm more of a dog person, really."




8. "I wanted a cat. My 'not a cat person' boyfriend did not. We got one because it would make me happy. Guess whose cat she is."


9. "Growing up, my grandpa hated cats and told me that when my cats died I wasn't allowed to get more under his roof. They died. I got another. This is my grandpa."




10.  "Four months ago, Dad didn't even want a cat. Now look at him."


11. "He claims he doesn’t like cats but currently refusing to disturb sleeping cat to get up and pull the curtains …"



12. "My Grandma, never a cat person, moved in with my parents after my Grandpa passed. These two have been inseparable ever since."


13. My dad hates cats. He just sent me this while babysitting my cat.


14. "If you ask him, '**** no, I'm not a cat person!'"

15. "My dad swears he hates cats."