10 Ways to Treat Yourself on Singles' Day November 10 2017

If you're single and you know it, pet your cat!

So, you're single AF. But are you proud AF? While those two concepts usually don't go hand in hand (according to the status quo) being single and proud is what Singles' Day is all about. November 11 - or 11.11 - has been named Singles' Day in China because the four ones in the date signify your single status. Singles' Day is all about you - a fun-filled day of self-indulgence and just a pinch of self-depreciation. 

And with the holidays coming up, single folks everywhere know that it's time to prepare for the inevitable. Get ready for a barrage of well-meaning family members asking, "So, are you seeing anyone?"

"Uh, yeah, I'm seeing someone, Aunt Carol. I just had dinner with them last night."

Me, last night:


Singles' Day is here to help remind your sassy, single self that independence is important. So, if you're single and you know it, here are 10 ways to celebrate yourself on 11.11. 


1. Have a spa day. Whether a spa day means getting a mani and pedi and springing for the gel nail polish or just trying out that sparkly new bath bomb you got, just take the day to spoil yourself and relax - whatever that may mean to you.


2. Take yourself to the movies. Movies aren't just for couples! And is there anything more annoying when you want to see a new movie but none of your friends want to go? Take your own damn self to the theater and buy all the popcorn and candy you want. Or save some money and just smuggle the candy in. 


3. Netflix and chill (the wine). Get out the comfy robe (or maybe snuggle into this warm, fuzzy cat onesie), grab some snacks (and the cat) and pop open that last bottle of vino. There's has to be something you haven't binged on Netflix yet!

netflix and chill netflix binge funny cats


4. Open that bottle of wine you've been saving and spend this Caturday on the couch. If you're the type that likes to stay in snuggle on the couch with your cat, then do just that. Remember - you're single. You don't have to do anything if you don't want to!

Well, that's not completely true. You pretty much have to do anything your cat wants you to do. Have you tried saying no to a cat? Good luck with that. But if you're down to party with your cat, we've got the purrfect shirt to celebrate the occasion. 


5. Buy yourself something that shines almost as bright as you. That's pretty hard to do, honestly, but a sparkly pair of earrings or a new necklace might just do the trick. 


6.  Go somewhere you've always wanted to go. Whether that means flying to Paris for the weekend or simply trying that new restaurant you've been wanting to try, take yourself somewhere special, whatever that might mean for you.

cat paris

Photo: Instagram


7.  Send cards to all of your single friends! This day is about them too.


8. Meditate.  Take a moment to reflect on what makes you, well, you. Focus on yourself, take inventory of your life - don't get bogged down by the relationship drama of the past, present, the future. Whether your version of meditation is sitting under a tree and breathing deep, coloring a mandala or exercising, find a way to embrace what makes you so awesomely amazing. 



9. Give yourself the gift of getting your shit together. If you're like me, all that meditating made you realize some realities involving the words "hot" and "mess." Just because I'm single and proud and I love independence doesn't mean I can't make some improvements!

shit together tank top shit together shirt


10. Keep calm and hug your cat. When in doubt, remember: You're never alone when you have a cat! They love you for you, just the way you are (or something).

funny internet cats

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