12 Cat Face Swaps You Simply Can't Unsee September 26 2018

The first day of fall has already come and gone, so we figure it's about time to get into the Halloween Spirit. Whether that means dressing your cat up in a Halloween costume or hoarding Halloween candy ahead of time, Halloween is only, like, a month a way. Let's get spooky with it, y'all. So here you go, have some nightmare fuel, a la Snapchat's magical Face Swap feature. Featuring cats with human faces, and probably worse, human teeth. Good luck trying to sleep tonight. You're welcome. 


1. This is the stuff of nightmares. 

2. A nightmare you can't seem to wake up from. 

3. There's no escape. 

4. It is eternal. 

5. Just look at the perfect teeth. Ready to devour you. 


7. You may as well give in. 

8. There's no unseeing this. 

9. RIP, sanity. 

10. Okay, okay. You made it through those monstrosities. 

11. We'll end on a cuter, less terrifying (yet still unsettling) note. 

12. Sweet dreams!