12 Cat-Tastic Anytime Gifts for Kitty Lovers July 18 2017

Want to get that special person in your life something cat-tastic? Look no further, we always got ya covered! 😻

Here are 12 anytime gift ideas for ALL cat lovers, whether it be your daughter, son, best friend, mother or significant other - they're the purr-fect way to say "I love you, you crazy cat lover!".


1. Who doesn't love a pair of beautiful Diamond Earrings?! We bet your daughter, significant other, mother, or even sweet granny would love a pair of sparkly diamond studs that also show off their love for cats!


2. Know a coffee or tea lover? Or are you one? ;-) I think we all love a hot cuppa, or at least know someone who is obsessed with sippin'! It doesn't even have to be a hot drink - this Cat Face Mug is the cutest 'drink companion' that'll have everyone smiling when you hold it up to your lips (hi cat face human!). It's even Instagram selfie worthy... Uh oh, we can see a new trend catching on! MEOW!


3. You don't have to be a kid to love to colour (although little boys and girls can't get enough!), adults love it too! Haven't you heard of the latest craze that is 'therapeutic adult colouring'? Well, let me tell you...it's a lifesaver! Stressed out with work or life's challenges? Sit down, get focused and colour a Meowingtons Cat Colouring Book! Know a tired, over-worked mom who needs a bit of 'me time'? Get them to pass off those sweet monsters (or even better, offer to babysit) and have them relax by colouring. Colouring as an adult helps with focus, stress relief and relaxation. Colouring for children does the same but also helps with hand-eye coordination, colour and pattern recognition, creativity...and the list goes on. This is the gift, that keeps on giving!


4. Looking for the purr-fect gift for a beach bum? How about that special person who would spend every waking hour near water - the one who is loving Canadian cottage life as you read this...and making you jealous with all their amazing Facebook pics! Our Circle Cat Mandala Beach Towel is it! It's so versatile and can go anywhere because it's lightweight and quick-to-dry. 


5. How about a little something for that annoying person (you also love) who is ALWAYS ON THEIR DAMN PHONE! With cute and hip designs, not to mention that they come in different sizes for various phone models, these crazy cat phone cases are sure to please any PHONE ADDICT! 



6. We all know a couch potato, or two, or three (or we are one ;-)). Our Cat Eared Pouch Sweater  is the purr-fect year round, indoor and outdoor human AND cat comfort-accessory that will have them purring with gratitude!


7. Friends are family to some. Maybe most? What better way to say "I love you" than with matching friendship bracelets?!


8. Or matching friendship rings! <3


9. It's totally cool and appropriate to dress up your cat...

Our Lion Cat Costume can either be given straight to the cute creature itself, or of course to the owner who may just get more satisfaction out of this adorable kitty costume than the actual thing wearing it.


10. Maybe you're in need of a house-warming gift for that friend, family member or couple who's cat or cats are their children? Kitty toss pillows could be exactly what you need, and you can be sure they'll be the purr-fect personal touch that'll make their day and home complete!


11. Our pack of 5 I love You Greeting Cards is not only a bargain, but with the sweet and hilarious variety to choose from, you can give one or two...and save the rest for the next person or occasion. Surely you don't just have ONE cat-loving friend right? Is that even possible?? Cats are life, and we don't associate with anyone who doesn't own a cat!


12. Clowder Cat Scarves are great for all Feline Fashionistas! Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, all you have to do it caalllllllll (Meowingtons) and we'll be there...yes we will. You've got a friend. (that's a Carol King song for all you young thangs!) But don't call, just click and order online, and it'll be with you in a jiffy!