12 Halloween Costumes You Absolutely Need For You AND Your Cat September 21 2018


I know, I know. It's only September. We shouldn't be getting this excited about Halloween yet. But it's almost the first day of fall. And, hey, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are already readily available. It's time to get spooky, folks. 

1. Have some funsie in a onesie this Halloween with the Cat Costume Onesie!

Or, you know, whenever you feel like embracing your inner child all while being warm and cozy and utterly adorable.



2. Want to celebrate Halloween at work without coming dressed in full makeup? These Cat Headbands are the purr-fect subtle feline twist for any office Halloween party.


3. Not every Halloween costume has to be spooky. They can also be completely adorable. 

cat bunny costumeVia Instagram


4. Not that into costumes but still have a bit of spooky spirit? Try these Black Jack Cat Earrings on for size.

black cat earrings


5. The Peacock Cat Costume is purrfect for the cat who's the star of the show - and knows it.

peacock cat costumeVia Instagram



6. Argh, matey! If you talk the talk, make sure you can walk the walk - or ye'll be walkin' the plank in this Pirate Cat Costume.


7. Yippee-yo-ki-yay, motherfluffers! Your cat will be the rootinest-tootinest cowkitty in the Wild Wild West with this Cowboy Cat Costume.

cowboy cat costume

8. Does your cat have a PhD in Adorableness? The Dr. Adorable Doctor Cat Costume is the purr-fect fit!

Via Instagram


9. Officer Whiskers is here to take a bite out of crime ... If he feels like it.

police cat costume

10. Crown your cat King of the Jungle this Halloween with the Cat Lion Costume. Your cat will thank you. And possibly make you an Earl. (It's a win-win.)

lion mane hat for cat


11. It's Popeye the Sailor Cat! He'll, uh, pass on the canned spinach though. 

sailor cat costume navy cat costume


12. Bee the best you can bee with the Bumblebee Cat Costume!

meowingtons bumble bee costume bee cat costumeVia Instagram