12 Life Skills Every Cat Owner Learns The Hard Way December 06 2017

Every cat owner is as unique as their cats. And I obviously don't know every cat owner out there. But what I do know is that cat owners have a very particular set of skills. Skills they have acquired over a very long career of cat ownership. Skills that make them a nightmare for "dog people." 

Cats teach us human folk how to have a refined, delicate (dare I say picky) palate. 

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Cats can teach forgiveness.  

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You learn to accept that privacy doesn't actually exist. 

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You know what it is to be "Chosen."


"Cat hair, don't care," essentially becomes your life motto.




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Cats provide quick and convenient icebreakers. 


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Cats also provide introverts a reason to actually go to parties. 


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You have mastered the art of sitting motionless lest you wake the cat.


Cats grant their owners the ability to see cats in everything. 



Seriously. You see cats everywhere.  



It turns out that, using Cat Logic, you can disprove some conspiracy theories.  



You've learned how to eat in stealth mode.  

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 [h/t Buzzfeed] 



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