12 Stocking Stuffers to Knock the Stockings Off Cat Lovers December 12 2017

Looking for the purrfect last-minute stocking stuffer for the cat lover in your life? Meowingtons is here to help stuff those stockings and knock the socks off cat lovers!

1. Leather Strap Catier Watch

For the purrfectly punctual family member.

cat stocking stuffer cat watch


2. Squishy Cat Accessory

For someone in need of a smile.

cat stocking stuffer squishy cat toy


3. Clowder Cat Scarf

For the fashionista.

gift guide for cat lovers stocking stuffer cat scarf


4. Spiral Cat Ring

For the "accessorizer." 

cat ring spiral gift guide cat lover stocking stuffer gifts


5. Diamond Cat Earrings

For the girl whose BFFs are diamonds. And cats. 

stocking stuffer gifts diamond cat earrings

Adorable Sphynx kitty paws courtesy of @loki_the_sphynx !


6. Pinot Meow Cat Wine

For the seasoned sommelier. 

cat wine cat stocking stuffer gifts



7. Mermaid Cat Phone Case*

For the feline fantasy fan.

cat phone case stocking stuffer

*Available in multiple iPhone and Samsung models. 

8. Crowded Cats Phone Case*

For the chronic texter. 


*Available in multiple iPhone and Samsung models. 


9. Meow Necklace

For the bling lover.



10. Skittles the Cat Phone Plugy

For the lover of all things kawaii. 



11. Sphynx Cat Ring

For the playful cat lady at heart.

sphynx wraparound cat ring



12. Winking Cat Liner Socks

For the sock star!