12 Signs Your Cat Might Actually Be Part-Dog August 01 2017

Are you noticing something a little 'off' about your cat? They used to ignore you when you walked in the door, and give you the evil eye when you tried to play with them. Now they're greeting you as soon as you walk in, tail-wagging, and playing fetch at every opportunity! 

Could they be going through an identity crisis?

Here are 12 signs your cat might actually be part-dog:



1. You may notice that their circle of feline friends is slowly starting to change...



2. That funny dog outfit you bought them last year seems to be magically appearing out of nowhere.



3. They start demanding walkies, just like the household doggies!



4. Who's that drinking out of the toilette bowl again? Nope, not Dexter the dog. 



5. They'll somehow get the idea that stealing food is the way to go.



6. They'll start leaving you little presents when you've been gone for too long, all the while blaming it on the dog. (because they're that much smarter of course!)




7. They be cruisin' with their head out the window, sniffing that good stuff.



8. Playing with a ball will be their new favourite activity. (just don't expect them to return it!)



9. The neighbourhood dogs might even start mistaking them for one of their own.



10. They think that 'toy dog door' is just for them.



11. What's that? You've found a random puppy with their litter of kittens??



12. Now just remember, if you walk into the room and see this... you might just want to consult a professional!