For sale: the ultimate house for cat lovers November 05 2014

The owner of this quirky California home has spent over $29, 000 making it feline-friendly

Moggy mansion: the office of the California home that has been converted into a dream home for cats

It's hard enough converting a house so that it's suitable for children, but here's a property that's the ultimate in feline-friendliness.
No less than 18 cats share this California home with humans, and the two-footed owner has spent some ÂŁ21,000 ($35,000) putting in features that will appeal to the four-pawed residents.
Everywhere you look, there are ledges, nooks and cosy vantage points on which the furry ones can position themselves. There's a lovely, green spiral slide that twists around a scratching post, there are bijou little steps and walkways, and, for cats with a head for heights, there are dramatic roof rafters extending from one corner of the room to the other.
Cat heaven: the green spiral slide (LEPERE STUDIOS)
In the office space, there's a whole wall of ledges, so your cats can entertain themselves while you work.Even the artwork around the house is feline-themed, with statues and paintings of cats adorning every surface.The work was carried out by specialist firm Trillium Enterprises, in Santa Barbara. They claim, with some justification, that they can go much further in meeting a client's needs than just putting in the obligatory West Coast swimming pool.
The house is packed full of cat-themed art (LEPERE STUDIOS)

What's more, this is a home that appeals not just to the eye, but to the nose. Given the presence of quite so many animals under one roof, the most essential installation, from a fresh-air point of view, is a hard-working ventilation system.