24 of the Best Cat GIFS In the History of Cat GIFS November 05 2014

1. What? I wasn't going to wear it.

2. I can't do a thumbs up, but I can do this.

3. I don't know, you figure it out.

4. Maru.

5. Maru #2.

6. Genetics gone wrong.

7. Way to encourage his/her laziness.

8. So tense from sleeping all day.

9. Soon to become an ex-balloon.

10. "Off" button.

11. Impressive ups.

12. The opposite of impressive ups.

13. Dog's face says "I hope this doesn't end up on the internet."

14. Even his/her judo skills are of no use.

15. Imposter.

16. Tough guys.

17. Jenga master.

18. The quintessential boop. 

19. Lesson learned.

20. You're done eating, right?

21. The red dot makes cats throw caution to the wind.

22. Nightly routine.


24. Drummer cat.