How To Hug A Cat -- Perfectly, Every Time November 05 2014

You promise yourself (and your cat) that you'll be better next time. You'll remember to shower your beloved pet with affection. You'll rub her belly and pat her on the head 100 times tonight. But then, the business of life gets in the way. The sun sets, another day comes to an end and your cat carries on without the attention she deserves.

On June 4th, National Hug Your Cat Day, cat owners take a collective pause to recognize their loved ones -- the way they wish they could every day.

Below, find a comprehensive glossary of hugs your cat will love.

The Unrelenting Caress

The Coy Back Stroke


The French Reception


 The I-Need-You-Right-Meow Shimmy

The I-Can't-Quit-You Juggle Up

The Placated Headlock

The Interspecies Snuggle Party Squeeze

The Please-Please-Please-Can't We? Inquisition

The Bro Nest

The Linger Hug

The Clinger Hug

The Finger Hug

The Butt Bundle

The 3-And-Under Tussle

The Rock And Noggin Burrow

The Baby's First Hug

The Closing Self-Hug Stretch