20 Cats Having a Bad Day November 06 2014

1. Spent the entire morning trying to catch that damn fly....and still trying. 


1. Bailing epically when attempting to look cool in front of friends.


3. Getting a little carried away with catnip


4. Feeling a little jumpy in the morning


5. and getting a little carried away with breakfast.


6. Resulting in being a tad bloated...


7. ...or a lot bloated


8. Trying to take a shortcut you just knew you shouldn't have tried.


9. Working up the courage to touch a foreign object, 


10. Or playing with something that is clearly not yours,


11. and them finding out...


12. Daydreaming about junk food, and having to settle for fruit.


13. and getting really mad when people keep reminding you you're on a diet.


14. That embarrassing moment of overestimating the size of furniture,


15. or picking on someone that is NOT your own size.


16. Getting in a fight with a hair tie,


17. or having to take down overdue birthday decorations.


18. Getting scared by a friend, even though you knew what they were up to....it' still scary.


19. Opening a can after it was unknowingly shaken.

20. And simply just getting a little too turnt up at that staff party.