20 Cats Taking Selfies November 12 2014

1. Trying to get my outfit in this selfie

2. The silly selfie

3. The sitting-in-the-sun selfie

4. Oops...too much catnip selfie

5. "I woke up like this" selfie

6. Trying to take a selfie without anyone noticing 

7. Trying to be silly-but-also-sexy selfie

8. Trying to get the whole background into this selfie 

9. The accidental selfie 

10. Cuddling with my human selfie

11. Just taking a selfie on the floor?

12. A Sunday selfie

13. Took this selfie too soon

14. An Ellen selflie 

15. That selfie you do not want anyone knowing is a selfie

16. An angry selfie 

17. The drunk selfie

18. The selfie you finally got after taking too many to count

19. The "I forgot my camera was on zoom" selfie

20. The happy selfie