17 Cats and Their Doppelgangers November 19 2014

1. A Toothless lookalike 

Black cat Looks Like Toothless from "How To Train Your Dragon"

2. Batcat

Batman Cat

3. The Hitler Cat

Hitler Cat

4. Hamilton and Salvador Dali are both pretty hip

Hamilton The Hipster Cat Looks Like Salvador Dali

5. A mistake you don't want to make 

Cat Looks Like A Roasted Chicken

6. Always looking out for my mastteerrrr

Kitty Looks Like Dobbie

7. Fur Balls 

Cat Looks Like A Fluffy Toy

8. Mythbusters kitteh

Cat Looks Like Jamie From Mythbusters

9. Don't step on the wrong one!

Cat Looks Like This Rug

10. Maleficient lookalike

Cat Looks Like Maleficient

11. He'll do anything to be Leo

Strutting Kitty Looks Like Leo

12. Swamp Monsters

Cat Looks Like Swamp Monster

13. Chaplin Cat

Chaplin Cat

14. This cat knows he's the real thing

Cat Looks Like A Haloween Decoration

15. Mr Burns Kitty

Evil Plan Cat Looks Like Mr Burns

16. This cat figured out how to get the ladies

Cat Looks Like Chaning Tatum

17. Look! It's Robert Paw-tterson 

Edward Cat