These Cold Cats Are Ready To Sniff Spring! March 29 2017

Spring has arrived and these kitties are ready for it!


Hang on a minute...this doesn't look like Spring to me!


Nope, definitely not!


I guess I'll just lay here and wait.


Actually, I think I'm good here hooman. Wake me up when it's summer.


Wait a minute, the window is open's kind of nice!


Does this mean the Cherry Blossoms will be out soon?!


Or that we can start planting new cat grass?



I do really miss our weekly adventures you know!


And my daily yoga on the deck.


Plus this lazy, laying around all day is only making me fat!


It's time I get out there and explore...


And catch me somethin' tasty!


Not to mention, I need to get my social life back. Look out summer music festivals!


And since I've cleared out all the house mice, I think it's time I do my neighbourhood duty!


And of course protect our chickens from that pesky fox.


I'm also really missing the pool crew.


And beach days are life.


Oh's finally here. Time to sip on some cat wine and work on my tan!


MEOW for Spring!