5 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Cat This Family Day Long Weekend February 16 2017

There is nothing like spending the long weekend doing fun things as a family! Since cats are a part of the family, why not include them as well?

Here are 5 activities that you can do with your cat/s this Family Day long weekend:

 1. Take your cat on a walk. Leash training is very important, and the earlier you get them used to this the better. Although some cats do like walking in the snow and on a leash, there are a lot that don't! That's where the cat-stroller comes in. A cat stroller is the perfect way for your cat to get outside and enjoy the scenery and fresh air, without it being too overwhelming for them. Get out there and go for a nice long walk as a family!


2. Plan a family road trip. While it's always fun to allow your cat to roam freely around the car - safety comes first! Having your cat inside their carrier during your road trip will also help to keep them calm while they enjoy the sites. Plus the kids won't fight about who gets to have them on their laps!


3. Take the kids out to their favourite pet shop and allow them to pick out a new toy or treat for their fur baby waiting patiently at home. Maybe your cat would love a new feather toy, or a bottle of that new cat wine? The kids will enjoy the outing, and Mr Fluffington will love the surprise!


4. Stay in and have a movie day. Why not get the whole family piled up on the sofa to watch back to back movies while your kitty gets to happily nap on your lap. Cat's love lazy days, and they will appreciate the company even more!


5. Sign your cat up for obedience training. Yes, there are obedience classes for cats! Most instructors will come to your home, so do a bit of research and ask around for recommendations. This is a great activity that you can do as a family, and who knows...your cat might even learn a new trick or two!

Enjoy the long weekend fellow Canadians & Cats!