5-Year-Old Boy Wants to Spend His Life Saving Street Cats August 30 2017

Photo by Kolony Kats 


Meet 5 year old 'feral cat whisperer' Shon. This sweet-natured boy has wanted to save street cats since the young age of 3, after he visited a feral cat colony with family members Kris Papiernik and Kia Griffin.

Whenever Shon goes to visit Kris and Kia, all he wants to do is go outside with them and help homeless cats. Never mind video games or playing with the other neighbourhood kids...nope, Shon just wants to help cats.


Photo by Kolony Kats


“We’ve been a big part of his life ever since he was born,” Kris told reporters.

“If he was with us, he was around cats. He follows our lead.”

Kris and Kia from Philadelphia, PA, have been looking after more than 40 stray cats in some of the roughest parts of the city for the past 10 years. They feed, provide water, do quick health checks, and try to neuter and spay as many of the helpless kitties as possible. They even try to re-home as many cats as they can, but it can be difficult given that these cats are feral and have had limited contact with people.


 Photo by Kolony Kats


Shon, along with Kris and Kia, are helping these cats get used to people and socialization with their regular visits, and their calm, patient approach. 

They’ve named the various cat colonies the Kolony Kats, Backyard Boys, Stray Kitty Crew, Meow Squad, Gas Station Kitties and Indoor Kitties.


 Photo by Kolony Kats


When Kris and Kia first noticed nephew Shon showing interest in helping the stray cats, they weren't sure if it was the best idea. 

“We were a little hesitant at first because they’re feral cats, and we thought they’re going to run from a rambunctious 3-year-old,” said Kris.


Photo by Kolony Kats


However, right from the start the feral cats loved Shon. 

"From the beginning he has had the magic touch! The Kats gravitate to him! He is very kind and gentle." said Kris.

Shon has even been called 'the feral cat whisperer' or 'feral cat superhero', because cats are completely drawn to him. Even fearful ones who had previously avoided all people, including Kris and Kia.


Photo by Kolony Kats


"Most of the cats we care for live outside and are part of feral cat colonies. They are spread out throughout four different locations. The kitties have feral cat shelters to protect them from the elements." tells Kris.

Shon is a star to all the kitty colonies - a superhero and a trusted friend.

One of the first cats who fell for Shon’s charm is named Bug. 

“We couldn’t get Bug neutered or anything because he wouldn’t come to us, and he wouldn’t come near the trap,” Kris stated. “But when Shon came around and started feeding him, Bug came immediately to him and, ever since then, Bug has been a friendly cat.”

Bug is now part of the gang, and King of the Kolony Kats!


Photo by Kolony Kats


While Shon is still too young to open and distribute canned food, or to administer medicine to the cats, he's become a pro at dishing out the dry food and fresh water. Not to mention giving each and every willing cat the love and attention they need.

“Sometimes he likes to dress up,” said Kris. “He said it makes him feel like a superhero for animals.”


 Photo by Kolony Kats


Shon adores the cats so much that he never wants to miss the chance to see them.

“If it’s raining or cold or he can’t go, he gets really upset,” Kris said. “He cries, and it really hurts him hard.”

When Shon does get to spend time with the cats he's the happiest boy, making Kris and Kia extremely proud.


Photo by Kolony Kats