5 Videos of Cool Cats Making The Most of Summer June 20 2017

Let's kick off the best season of the year with some purr-fectly pawsome videos of cats making the most of summer!

1. Diego goes for his first swim at the beach.

Beach days are life! Diego the Bengal kitten already loves to walk on a leash, but now he's discovered his love for swimming.


2. CAT Surfing on Swimming DOG!

Summer is for surfin'. Didga - the famous Guinness World Record Holder, surfs like a pro on her brother Ice's back.


3. Cats Rescued From The Street Now Goes Hiking And Camping.

Internet sensations Bolt & Keel have become expert explorers. These adventurous kitties sure know how to get the most out of summer!

4. Nathan the Beach Cat.

Nathan is a rescue kitty that's basically a purrmaid! 


5. GoPro: Didga the Skateboarding Cat!

Didga is back with some summer skateboarding! Not only does this incredible cat surf and do a million tricks, but she's also an expert on the board.