7 Ways You Can Help Your Cat Beat The Winter Blues February 21 2017

Winter can be tough! The cold weather and lack of sunlight can leave you feeling rather blue. Did you know that it's not just humans who get the winter blues? Cats can as well. It's always important to make sure your feline companion is not only in good physical heath, but that they're happy and mentally healthy as well.

Here are 7 ways you can help your cat beat the winter blues:

1. Get them outside and into the sunshine! If you have a cat leash, take them out and allow them to explore the neighbourhood. Carrying them is also a great idea for cats that are a little frightened of being outside. Getting some fresh air and Vitamin D will do wonders for your kitty!


2. If you can't take them outdoors, bring the outdoors inside by creating an indoor cat garden! They'll love the smell of the soil, grass and cat-friendly herbs. It will help to keep your cat feeling rejuvenated and at ease all winter long.


3. Keep them fit with interactive toys! Laser pointers are a great way to get your kitty moving! Keeping indoor cats active is extremely important for both their physical and mental health. 


4. Try a new window bed or position an old one in a sunny spot. Moving your cat's favourite bed into a sunny area is another excellent way for them to get that much needed sunlight! Find the ideal spot to place it, and your cat will be basking in the suns warm rays in no time!


5. Buy them some new treats, or catnip. Adding a little variety to your cat's diet is a great way to get them excited and feeling satisfied. There is nothing like a little catnip to help perk them up!


6. Declutter and provide more spaces for perching and hiding. Cats can get bored too, so make sure to change things up around the house from time to time. Try clearing a shelf and creating a new resting spot that overlooks the living room. 


7. Treat your cat to a grooming day. Bathe and brush your cat. Clean their ears, eyes and teeth (if they allow!). Trim their nails if need be. It will leave them feeling refreshed and brand new!