All The Whiskers for Whisker Wednesday May 31 2017

What could possibly be more adorable than cat's whiskers? Well, maybe their sweet little paws or kissable button noses...but that's not the point of this blog!

Cat whiskers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are quite petite and subtle, while others are just damn right hilarious! 

Here are our top 10 favourite types of whiskers, just in time for Whisker Wednesday!

 1. Wild Whiskers.


2. Purr-fectly Matching Brow Whiskers.


3. Ultra Long Whiskers.


4. Well-Rounded Whiskers.


5. Super Straight Whiskers.



6. Kitten Whiskers.


7. Invisible Whiskers.


8. Fanned Out Whiskers.


9. Lead The Way Whiskers.


10. Subtle Whiskers.