BooBoo The Cat: His Journey from California to Ontario April 10 2017

A California cat owner couldn't be more grateful to have found out her cat BooBoo was healthy and well cared for over the four year period of her being gone. Much to her surprise, she also travelled more than 4,000 kilometres away across the US border into Ontario, Canada. 

BooBoo was apparently brought across the border accidentally by a couple moving from the US. She had a history of getting into people's cars and hiding. Owner Olgah Chmelichek who had originally lost her, said BooBoo was a pro hitchhiker!

Chmelichek figures BooBoo’s friendly disposition and love of hopping into vehicles may have played a role in her 2013 disappearance.

“If there was a car open, she would get in the car. We’ve had to take her out of a couple cars,” she said.

BooBoo became an international media star when she was recently reunited with her California family after nearly four years. She was identified by her microchip which had been implanted years before. 

Real estate broker Corie Fisher said BooBoo came with Ramon and Olivia Nunez, who rented a house in Morriston, Ont. near Guelph, in October, 2016.

"They must've had BooBoo for the four years that the original owners had lost her," suggested Fisher. 

"Unfortunately, the beginning of February, they decided they were going to leave without telling anyone. I discovered this around mid-February," said Fisher, who went over to look at the house after she hadn't heard from the couple.

"Their cat, which was BooBoo, scrambled in the door and was basically shrieking and hungry and cold and scared and upset. So I warmed the cat up, I fed it, I played with it, and then within that first hour I discovered they had actually left a second cat," said Fisher.

"My husband, who is not a cat person, absolutely fell in love with BooBoo, BooBoo loved my husband, and basically we spent two weeks taking care of it in a vacant house," said Fisher.

Fisher put up a notice on the Kitchener Buy/Sell/Swap Facebook page. 

Julia Doran Goodman met BooBoo and wanted to keep her. She picked up the cat and then, according to Fisher, wasn't able to keep BooBoo, because she didn't get along with her other cats. Julia then took BooBoo to the Guelph Humane Society.

The Humane Society examined BooBoo's implanted chip and tracked down her family in California. A humane society employee met up with Olgah Chmelicek at a Buffalo, N.Y., hotel room to give BooBoo the cat back last week.


A happy Olgah Chmelicek, reunited with BooBoo the cat in Buffalo, N.Y Friday March 31, 2017.