Boss Babes: Cats That Own Guinness World Records June 15 2017

Did you know there are hundreds of pet animals that hold Guinness World Records? Many of them being cats.

Each week, we'll feature ONE magnificent kitty who currently holds a Guinness World Record. Until we run out of cats that is!

First up, meet Didga - the Cat with the Guinness World Record for Most Tricks Performed by a Cat in 1 Minute!

Didga, which is short for Didgeridoo, is far from your average cat.

She's intelligent, obedient, and highly trainable. This fascinating feline achieved the record by completing 20 tricks in under one minute! She was crowned and featured in the new Guinness World Records 2017 book.

It begs the question, are dogs ACTUALLY more trainable than cats? We think not!

Didga the Cat completes tricks varying from rolling over, to sitting-up straight, to shuffling from side to side, to impressively jumping over a pole while riding a skateboard. 

The adorable kitty set the record in Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia, with the aid of owner Robert Dollwet, who rescued her from a shelter. 

Robert Dollwet says she is an adored companion who gets completely spoilt.

She loves her raw meat, especially that of the kangaroo mince variety!

Robert told Guinness officials: “I knew she was special but now, with the record, I think that she’s just unbelievably special and I’m just so proud of her. And I love cats. I love her, so much".


As per Guinness: “The rules for this Guinness World Records title state that each trick must be clearly defined and independent, and that the commands or cues must not involve the human touching the animal (unless the cat initiates the contact such as when performing tricks like the high five)."

Guinness World Records officials recently visited Didga and Robert to talk to them about their achievements and to take some photographs (as seen above) for the new Guinness World Records 2017 book. Since the shoot, Didga has gone on to break her previous record, registering 24 individual tricks in 60 seconds during an attempt earlier this year.

High five Didgeridoo, high five! 

Robert has since been questioned about his training methods. Some even criticizing their routine stating he is 'forcing' his cat to do tricks.

He begs to differ by saying that cats have natural instincts to perform various acts. For example, catching a prey. They know they have to carefully follow certain rules and perform acts in order to be rewarded. 

The have be stealth-like, duck down and hide before they make their next move. Carefully crawling across the ground at a precise speed to avoid being seen. 

It's like an optical course that they must complete to be rewarded by catching their prey.

Robert thinks training a cat to do tricks actually mimics this in a different way, and helps to satisfy their natural desires which can sometimes be forgotten about with domestic cats. 

He tells Guinness World Records that there are some days when Didga doesn't want to perform her tricks, and that he would never force her to do anything she didn't want to do.

He instead leaves her be, and gives her a little treat anyway!

Want to see Didgeridoo perform her award winning 20 tricks in less than one minute?

Check out the video!