Calgary Man Offers $5,000 Reward for Missing Cat March 28 2017



Money was no object when it came to a Calgary couple getting their beloved cat back.

Matt Morozoff drew a lot of attention when he posted a Kijiji ad offering a staggering $5,000 for his missing cat Paul Lexington. Paul went missing in Calgary's Signal Hill neighbourhood on March 17th during a visit to Morozoff’s fiancee's home.

Paul being a farm cat he was not tattooed, microchipped and did not have a collar. Owner Matt knew that it would be hard to locate him.

He searched endlessly through online lost pet sites, but missed a post on YYC Pet Recovery’s Facebook page stating that Paul had been found and turned into a nearby vet clinic. The vet, in turn, handed the cat over to the Calgary Humane Society.

After feeling hopeless and realizing how instrumental his cat was to his family, Morozoff and fiancee Abdullah posted the ad on Kijiji offering the reward of $5,000 for the safe return of his cat. Little did he know, Paul had already been adopted by a new family.



On Saturday, March 26th Morozoff visited the Calgary Humane Society and it was there that he learned that Paul had been found and already adopted out to new family who had named him 'Wasabi'.

According to the Calgary Humane Society, as per the Alberta Animal Protection Act, they are only obligated to hold an animal for three days before putting it up for adoption. Due to confidentiality issues, it was also against policy for Morozoff to contact new owners.

After Morozoff’s Kijiji ad went viral on Monday, March 27, the Humane Society released a statement on their Facebook page that they had reached out to the new owners themselves, who agreed to return Paul to Morozoff.

The post had not stated whether or not the new owners were to accept the $5,000 reward. Morozoff had intended to make a donation to the Humane Society in the event that the family decline the cash.

Owner and finacee Abdullah want others to learn from their story. 

"If you do lose a pet, check websites daily ... make sure even if it's a farm cat, and you're bringing it to the city, make sure it has a chip and collar. Accidents happen."