Canada 150: Cat's Who Are Patriotic! July 01 2017

Happy 150th Birthday Canada! 


We are one of, if not THE best country in the world!

It's not just us fellow Canadian humans who love our wonderful country - these kitties do too, and they're not afraid to show it!

Check out these purr-fectly proud Canadian Cool Cats.


Canadian Mounted Purlice


Furry Felines with Flags


Canada's Next Top Cat Model!


"Will dis help me get 'dopted?" <3 <3


"Why you do dis to me every year hoomin?"


This Cat just BROKE THE INTERNET! #FurryKimK


Canada Day Cat Parties. (zzzzzzzz)


Dora the Cat Explora!



"Dis mine, yes?"


Canada Day costume winner!


Red & White for life!


Proud Porch Pud


Ok, just too flippin' cute! <3


"I must lay on ALL of deez..."