Cat Dad of the Year Stands Guard As His Kittens Are Born October 18 2017

This cat wins Father of the Year!  

The ushering in of new life is a joyful, stressful time. It goes without saying that mothers bear the brunt of the responsibilities in the "giving birth” department; But what about the dads?

Thanks to Hollywood, I always picture a woozy-looking father not knowing what to do or where to stand, awkwardly holding a container of ice chips. But this cat dad has got it all in hand – er, paw. 

This expectant father knew exactly what to do.


ginger cat


The confident, caring father stayed by the mother’s side throughout the whole birthing process, encouraging her every step of the way.


cat daddy


Until, at last, they welcomed four healthy kittens into the world.


rescue mom shirt


This might be the sweetest family portrait of all time.




cat dad shirt


He even watched over their new babies while mom got some much-needed rest...


cat daddy


Keeping them safe and warm with some quality cat dad cuddles.


cat pictures


It’s clear this new mom will have the support and help she needs keeping up with the four new bundles of furry joy.


family portrait


If this doesn’t say "family," we don’t know what does.


meowingtons cat shirts




cat cuddle


While this loving family is cute as all get out, remember that it’s important to spay and neuter your pets if you don't intend to breed them.

Spaying and neutering your cats, especially female cats prior to their first heat, can have impactful health benefits that lead to a longer, healthier life for your beloved kitty. It also helps to reduce the number of homeless cats in need of love and care. 

Have questions regarding cat health and behavior? Head on over to Cats.Club and learn more!