Alberta Cat Saves Family From House Fire March 01 2017

A family of four was sound asleep when a fire broke out in their home in Clairmont, a small town of 2,200 people just 8 kilometres north of Grande Prairie, Alberta. 

It was in the early hours of February 9th when one of their family cats bit the arm of their owner to alert them of the blazing house fire. The mother woke from the hard bite and was immediately aware of the surrounding smoke.

The fire crew received the call around 3:30 am and upon arrival they found the family of four safe, all thanks to their kitty companion. Fireman then removed one other cat from the burning home.

They started to work on the flames by containing them to the underneath of the trailer. In the end there was minor smoke damage, but the inside of home was not majorly affected. 

The mother-of-two commented that her cat saved her family from what could have been a very devastating fire. 

Fire fighters said that this is not the first time a pet has alerted their family of a house fire, but generally it has been a dog. They now have a new found respect for cats.