Catios, The Latest Trend in Creating a Safe Outdoor Environment for Your Cat September 07 2017


The latest trend of creating or buying 'Catios' for your pet cats has been making it's way across the nation.

The idea of creating a safe, enclosed outdoor area for them to enjoy has been around for quite some time. 

Over the last couple of years, it has gained a lot of popularity with owners who want to give their indoor cats some outdoor time, without the burden of worrying they'll escape.



Let's be real, cats are excellent escape artists and can be gone in a flash! Have you ever left that back door open just a second too long? Well then yeah, you know what we mean!

Many cat owners have assumed that their fences were built tall enough to stop an active cat from jumping over them, to later learn the sad truth...Mr Jingles is nowhere to be found.

So why not create an outdoor, enclosed area? An area that will allow your bored kitty to get some fresh air, some much needed sunbathing time (zzzzz's), and the ability to better stalk those pesky birds!



Just because Autumn is almost here, doesn't mean you can't create somewhere for your cat to enjoy during the colder months. They too need to get outside away from the dry, stuffy, heated house and into the fresh air and winter sun. 



The basic idea is to build an enclosure out of wood frames and metal wire, which will attach itself to a window or door in your home. 

Whether it be large or small, you can create a unique space that will fit any size home and garden. 



While there are tons of articles and how-to videos online with help on how to create your own Catio, here is an easy and affordable idea that we just love!

Click below to check it out: