Cats on Mats: Bringing Kitties & Yoga Together May 01 2017

The mewest trend in Yoga has hit - Yoga classes with cats!

If you love yoga, and you love cats (I mean, who doesn't?), these classes may just be the purr-fect place for you.

The idea of having homeless cats live and roam freely in Yoga studios, originally started in British Columbia as a way of helping cats in need find their furever homes.

Cats were taken in by local yoga studios and cat cafes, and were allowed to roam freely during yoga classes with the hopes of being adopted by fellow class goers. 

The idea was such a success that several organizations took notice. The Edmonton Humane Society started offering yoga classes to those interested.

They currently hold 'Cats on Your Mats' yoga classes every Saturday morning at 9am.

“It’s basically human and feline wellness, if you wish, where everybody can have a wonderful class of Hatha yoga,” Karen Meurer, manager of communications at the Edmonton Humane Society, said, “and interact and socialize with some of our cats.”

“We were like, ‘Well, wait a minute. We’ve already got cats here that need to be adopted so why don’t we have a yoga class of our own?'” Meurer explained. 

“The cats need some socialization too and as much as we try to make the shelter a homey atmosphere, it’s still a shelter and it’s not really their forever home yet,” Meurer said.

Cat cafe's such as Catfe in Vancouver, have also joined in and and hosted yoga classes with cats as a way of raising funds for the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA), among others.

"It's just a great way to bring cat lovers together in a unique way. People love cats and spending time with cats," said Catfé founder Michelle Furbacher.

"Having this calm atmosphere ... makes it more comfortable for the cats to come to people as opposed to being chased by people."

Just bring your own mat, and they'll supply the cat <3