Cats Who Are Just Giant Drama Queens August 22 2017

Cats can be cool, laid-back lovers. Cats can also be giant drama queens. Drama kings as well, of course. 

Nothing we 'servants' do for them is good enough. They have their own agenda, and do exactly as they please. I mean god forbid their bowl is less than 99% full...we'll be hearing them whine about it ALL DAY! 


1. Yes, these cats are quite clever, learning to ring the bells for food. But if you left those bells out, they'd never stop ringing! 

"Feed me MEOW hoomin!"


2. Apparently stairs require too much effort!

"Fine! You wontz carry me hoomin...I'll make my own way down!"



3. When you forget to bring home a new box every week...

"Dis box is old Martha! I demandz a new one!"



4. Don't even think of getting another pet.

"Dis my house bunny! Who you tink you kitten!"



5. If you're not massaging them, they'll make the other house guests do it.

"Dats it, just a little to da left."



6. Have you ever forgotten their birthday? Oh dear.

"How dare you hoomin! I want dis, dis, dis and dat... and an extra box from Amazonz!"



7. When you're desperate for some affection...

"Nope, talk to da butt!"



8. Don't ever underestimate the intelligence of cats.

"Come on hoomin, you tink I'm stupid or what?! Find me another gamez!"



9. Forget about ever having anything breakable around.

"Oh you like dis ting Tina? Well too badz!"



10. It's their prerogative to wake you whenever they feel like it. Just don't think you can do the same.

"How dare you come and botherz me when I'm hungover hoomin! Good day."



11. They ask you to pick them up and cuddle them, and then...

"I said ONE hugz wuz ok, not two hoomin!"



12. All your hard work means nothing to them. 

"Oops, sorry...not sorry!"