Cats Who Are Professional Photo Bombers May 22 2017

Trying to create a clever baby announcement...


Granny finally learnt how to use the new digital camera.


"I don't tink mum would approve of dis sexy pic yur sendin!"


Trying to get evidence of the cool bird on the front porch.


Too many baby pics are making this one jealous.


"Who dis for? You knowz I only eats meat hooman!"


Clearly not happy about not being included in the family portrait.


"Ya ya, dat slobery thing is realz cute till it starts to chewz everyting!"


Now everyone thinks this baby has a tail.


Prom hair photo...ruined. Or made better?


Just trying to get a yoga progress pic. 



'Hey Instagrammers...look how happy we are'


Trying to document Zoe's first day at daycare. 


Obviously they went on holiday with a cat.


Beauty shot gone wrong.


"Nobodyz wants to see yur festive nailz Abagail!"


Road trip selfie.


"Iz dis recording?"


"I'z cuter than baby right?"


How many Facebook likes for this one...


"Hey Simon, iz dat a camera?"