Cats Who Just Don't Want To Monday! June 12 2017

Yup, it's Monday. AGAIN. You're not alone...these cats don't want to Monday either.


But, it's so warm in here. Why must this world be so cruel!


If I hide, will Monday still find me?


Just do what I do. Call your boss and tell them you got stuck in a tree.


I love you couch. You understand me.


Hang me out to dry why don't you?! I aint ready for this week!


Hoomin doesn't drink on Monday, they won't find me here!


Just 2 more minutes...just 2 more minszzzzzzz


But, I didn't get my 18 hours of sleep?



I may have eaten a little too much this weekend...

Think I need a day off.


Leave me be, or I kill the dog!


Carl, are you sure this box is Monday-proof?


See, I'm definitely too sick to go to work.


I had a dream I won the lottery and quit my job.



Maybe if I look pregnant, they'll let me go on Caternity Leave??


Just play dead, nobody will know.


Peace Out Monday.