Cougars Found Wandering on SkyTrain Tracks in Port Moody, B.C April 28 2017

Lover of big cats? Well you just might run into one while waiting for the train in Port Moody, B.C.

Two large adult cougars tripped an alarm in the early hours of the morning on Friday, April 21st. At around 4:00 am the cougars were filmed wandering inside the station walking curiously across the tracks.

Officials realized the big cats were responsible after looking through surveillance footage.

"They were just there, taking a stroll," said Transit Police spokeswoman Anne Drennan.

The cougars’ stroll took about two minutes as they moved from the entrance of the station to the exit, disappearing into the night without encountering a train or person.

By the time SkyTrain personnel went down to do their routine morning sweep of the tracks, the animals had already gone. 

TransLink spokesman Chris Bryan said wildlife sightings aren't totally abnormal at SkyTrain stations, but cougars are quite rare.

"We definitely live on the West Coast, so there's wildlife that gets onto the tracks from time to time. We've had raccoons, we've had coyotes ...  [but] one of our staff from the control room — who's been here for 15 years — he's never heard of a cougar being on the tracks."

He added that the Evergreen extension — which lengthens the Millennium line from Burnaby into Coquitlam and Port Moody — means SkyTrain is now running in less-developed parts of Metro Vancouver.

"If you look at Inlet Centre Station, there's a lot of forest in that area — so it's not surprising."

The Evergreen line runs through less populated areas, making encounters with wildlife more possible.

TransLink said staff contacted conservation officers to report the incident.