Felines Feelin' FURIYAY! July 14 2017

At last! It's finally Friday. Nope, actually I mean FURIYAY!

Cat's have it hard you know? They have a lot to do, and a lot to worry about.

They need to make sure they eat or at least whine for food every few hours, get a minimum of 23.5 hours of sleep per day, put in a ton of effort to cover up their pee and poop just right, and they must remember to search endlessly for new places to perch or hide on a daily basis. Preferably on top of fresh clothes of course...

Needless to say, it's been of tough week for these kitties and they're feelin' that FURIYAY feeling! (and oh man...so are we!)


Rollin' into the weekend like...!


"Furiday iz games night wiv ma bros!"


"I'z be gettin' TIPSY TONIGHT!"


Trying to stay awake for Friday movie night like... (we can't all be party animals ok?!)


"BOY, you ARE NOT going out lookin' like that!" (poor kitty *sad face*)


"Hey Martha, you goin' to da staff partay tonightz?"


"Get me out of dis cubical (i.e box), it's FURIDAY!!"


"Tink I may have eaten too many treats dis week at werk.

Dis box don't fit!"


Counting down the seconds till 5:00pm like...


Some cats call it 'Slurry Saturday' (...if you catch our drift)  ;-)



"Oh great, Iz have to spend the next 60 plus hourz wiv deez hoomins..."


Clearly Uber was too expensive during Friday rush hour.




"Hey! Who invited dis mutt to da BBQ??"


MONDAY is fast approaching...!


"Dude! It's 4am and da club be closed, go da furick to sleepz!"


Those Saturday hangovers tho. 




Weekend chores *thumbs down*.


When your friends want to keep partying, but you're DONE!