Genius Cat Plays Cup-and-Ball Game Like a Pro March 24 2017

Who said cat's aren't smart? Certainly not us! 

Japanese gangster cat Snow - an American Curl from Tokyo, debunks the myth that cat's aren't as intelligent as dogs. 

Most of us know how to play the Cup-and-Ball game, but not all of us can master it like this kitty. Snow correctly guesses where the ball is hiding every time. 

Originally posted on Instagram @curlysnow0915, the video got a lot of attention.

With over 70k followers on Instagram and thousands of video views on YouTube, we think this talented kitty could be the next Internet star!


He's not just good at memory games, he also does arts and crafts.


Loves to travel and sightsee. 


Stars in numerous plays.


Is extremely festive and fashionable.


And is always on the lookout for important literature.