Guinness World Record Holders: Creme Puff, The Oldest Cat Ever July 25 2017

For this week's article of boss babes who hold Guinness World Records, we introduce Creme Puff! 

Creme Puff set the record for the Oldest Cat Ever - having lived an astounding 38 years and 3 days! She was born August 3rd, 1967, and lived until August 6th, 2005.

The elderly female cat was the oldest cat ever recorded, according to the 2010 edition of Guinness World Records.

Creme Puff lived with her owner Jake Perry, in Austin, Texas, USA for the duration of her very lengthly life. Jake was also the owner of cat Grandpa Rex Allen, who was the previous record holder of Oldest Cat Ever.

Granpa Rex, who was claimed to have been born in Paris in 1964, died in 1998 at the old age of 34 years (and 2 months). Granpa was featured in an earlier edition of Guinness World Records. 

Wow, this begs the question...what had Perry done and fed these cats to have kept them alive and healthy for so long?

According to several co-authors of books, they wondered if whether the longevity of Perry's cats may have had something to do with the unusual food he fed them, stating "he must be doing something right".

Amongst other things, Perry fed his furry friends a diet of asparagus, broccoli, eggs and bacon. He also gave them coffee with heavy cream every morning!

Hhmmm, isn't coffee toxic for cats?! Not to mention that cream, and bacon, is allergenic and very high in fat...

Well, who are we to argue. He definitely did something right to have gotten those cats to such an old age. Maybe it was the food and special care, combined with the endless love he gave them. According to those that knew him, he devoted his whole life to his cats and always put them first.

It wasn't just Granpa Rex and Creme Puff, Perry had been known to own numerous cats - cats that have far surpassed the average lifespan of most domestic felines. 


Click below to watch the heart-warming video of Jake Perry, and his beloved cats: