Guinness World Record Holders: Lilieput, The Shortest Living Domestic Cat (Height) July 11 2017


For this week's article of boss babes who hold Guinness World Records, we introduce Lilieput - a female Munchkin cat from Napa, California, USA, who holds the record for The Shortest Living Domestic Cat (Height).

Lilieput who was crowned way back in October of 2013, measured a tiny 13.34 cm (5.25 in) from the floor to the shoulders.

Owned by Christel Young of Napa Valley, Lilieput was originally found by her as a stray when she was around two years old. Christel who was a professional pet sitter at the time, saw her and decided to adopt the sweet little Munchkin girl.



Although we cannot verify if Lilieput is still alive (would be aged 13 now), the record for The Shortest Living Domestic Cat is still held by her. No other cat has since come along and taken the title.

Other historical cats have claimed The World's Shortest Cat title but have sadly passed away or gone missing. The shortest cat to ever be verified by Guinness World Records was Fizz Girl, who measured an astounding 3.75 inches high! Another Munchkin cat who gained a lot of popularity due to her itty bitty size in height.

Now Lilieput may be 1.5 inches taller than Fizz Girl, but let's take a look at how short Lilieput actually is: 13.34 cm (5.25 in) from floor to shoulders is less than half the size of a standard 12 inch ruler (in length)!

Yes, yes, we know that may not be a great visual example for some, so let's make a few comparisons. 5.25 inches is only VERY SLIGHTLY taller than a 500 g (reg size) tub of peanut butter or your standard can of tinned food. A regular can of soda measures approximately 4.75 inches, so basically Lilieput is only half an inch taller than a can of diet coke.

How cute!



Christel who was so proud of her little waddling cat and knew how unique she was, applied for the Guinness World Record through their website, and needless to say she was successful!

“She is unique and I set out to prove that” said Christel when speaking with reporters about her newly famous cat back in 2013.

Christel who was featured in an article for the Napa Valley Register told editors that Lilieput had previously endured a nearly fatal pregnancy, and a major earthquake. Not to mention scorn from strangers labeling her cat as a 'freak' or 'weirdo' due to her small stature.



After her public crowning as The Shortest Living Domestic Cat, Christel said she had gained a lot of positive exposure and that people began to warm to the little kitty, even seeing her as a celebrity cat they had to meet!

“I’m getting more astonishment from people like, ‘Oh, look how cute!’ or ‘She’s adorable!’ I’m getting a lot nicer comments about her.”

“I get more comments on Facebook every day, people saying ‘Oh my God, is that your cat?’” she said during the Napa Valley Register interview.

Well, to us there is nothing 'weird' or 'freakish' about Lilieput or any other tiny cats. Big or small, hairless, sick, injured or born slightly 'different', we believe ALL CATS are ADORABLE GODS who deserve to be worshipped!  💗