Happy Catsgiving! October 05 2017

Finally the BEST time of year!

The temperature cools, the leaves begin to change colours, and we all get to gather around the table with our loved ones for a delicious Thanksgiving...I mean Catsgiving meal. 

An extra day off of work isn't too bad either. These hard werkin', nap takin' cats need a break too you know!

Here are some cats, just being all cute and enjoying this special time of year.


1. Dis turkey is MINE hoomin...try if you dare!


2. Da guests will be arriving soonz Martha, get dat dinner ready!


3. Now who told my servant to take up da knitting, huh?!


4. You snooze, you lose.


5. I give many tanks for dat delicious meal.


6. You didn't tell me Uncle Bob was bringin' da mutt to dinner!


7. Sharing is caring.


8. It's totally appropriate to dress your cat up. Have you checked out our selection of cat costumes? (wink, wink)


9. Oh yah, catsgiving was real good dis year!


10. Cats in pumpkins.


11. Best time of da year! I getz more places to hide from deez hoomins.


12. Now how am I gonna werk off all dis turkey and stuffins...? 😿


Happy Catsgiving fam! Stay safe and GOBBLE GOBBLE! 🦃