Happy Father's Day Cat Dads! June 18 2017

While Mother's are the ones who have to carry, deliver the babies, breastfeed and do the brunt of the work, there are equally a ton of Dads out there who do their fair share! Dads that would do anything for their families.

We more than appreciate you marvellous males, so Happy Father's Day to all you Cat Dads...and well regular Dads!

Here are some adorable kitty diddy dads, to kick off Father's Day <3 


"You did good hunny, you did good."


The ultimate male protector. 


"Let's just have a little peak at what your mum is cookin' up tonight..."


So much love in one photo <3


Like father, like son.


A good father sticks around to help. 


One happy family.


"Remember princess, you can be anything you want to be.

The world is your oyster. Believe in yourself."


"Um sweetheart...are you sure these are mine?"


Daddy cuddles.




"Marvin, get down from there before your mother sees you!"


"And...relax! All da kitties are finally asleep."


"It's my duty as da man of the house to protect dis baby!"