Happy Mother's Day Cat Moms! May 12 2017

If you read our previous blog on the science based conclusion that cats actually prefer humans over food, you'd know that cats really do love us even if they don't always show it.

Here's a little compilation showing you just how sweet these little furballs are!


They wake you up in morning with a little meow or purr, just to get that one short cuddle in bed with you before you have to get up and start your day.

The keep you company in the bathroom, making sure you're having healthy bowel movements!

They help babysit and look after the sick kiddies.

They wait patiently for you to get home, and sweetly greet you as you walk in the door.

They never turn their noses up at your cooking, they're just grateful to be fed.

They'll usually indulge you in a little play when you're wanting some fun!

 They won't complain about having to watch your favourite rom-com for the 100th time, they're just happy to be hanging out with you.

You can be sure they'll make you feel better after a long, hard day.

They may even treat you to a soft-paw massage.

They make the best listeners. No judgements or unwanted advice. 

They tell you when enough is enough so you won't overwork yourself.

They fetch you dinner when they know you're too tired to cook.

And above all, they'll keep loving you till the day they die. *Sad Face*

Happy Mother's day to all you cats moms...and human moms! <3