Here Come The Easter Kitties! April 13 2017

Easter Sunday is almost here, and these adorable kitties are ready to celebrate!



Eggs in the basket or not, I'm gettin' in!



I'm just as sweet as chocolate, aren't I?



Who needs the Easter Bunny, when you can have the Easter Kitty! 

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Mummy, what are these strange furry things?!



Hey...these don't taste like tuna!



Can I playz wiv dem hoomin?




Dis my new fwend.



Cutest Easter egg we've ever found!




You got the shot, now let me get back to napping in this basket!



So you're telling me this is my new brother...? Not impressed hoomin. Not impressed.



I look nothing like the Easter Bunny, OK?



Easter Love <3



Can I'z be the Easter Bunny this year?



That was one tiring day! Let's have a nap meow.



Some people dye eggs. Others dye cats.



Eat your lettuce my son, and you'll grow up big and strong just like me.