How to Make Homemade 'Catsicles' for Summer Treats June 27 2017

 Cat's are FAMILY. They are our babies, our siblings, our best friends and companions. They deserve all the love in the world, and as many treats as their little tummies can handle!

With the hot and humid summer months looming, making homemade 'catsicles' for our bubs is a great way to help keep them cool and happy.

You've seen how happy your kitty gets when you've given them a special treat - a bowl of wet food or even some fresh meat. So it's up to us to keep these creatures upbeat and satisfied, since they look to us for food and survival that is!

These cool treats will have them purring all day long.

Making catsicles really is super easy. You can pretty much take any wet food, or dry cat suitable ingredients that can be blended with water, and freeze them into popsicles/frozen treats.

The consistency and water content has to be just right. You can play around with this as well as the ingredients to see what your cat prefers best. It can take some kitties a little while to get used to the coolness of the treat, while others will love it right away! 

You can pour the mixture into popsicle trays, plastic cups with or without wooden popsicle sticks, or even into an ice tray. Sticks and handles aren't necessarily needed, but it becomes difficult for your cat to get a good lick when it's sliding around the plate or bowl if it's frozen, so we suggest allowing the frozen mixture to thaw until the outside is softish and the inside semi-frozen. This way the mixture will stick to the plate or bowl, and be a nice temperature for your cat to enjoy right away.

Here's an easy recipe via Petfinder's Jane Harrell to try for those hot, humid days when Miss Floof needs a little refreshing treat to keep her cool.


What you'll need to make about 15 catsicles in cups:

  • 15 8-ounce plastic cups
  • 1 5.5-ounce can of your cat’s favourite wet food (smooth, not chunky, works best)
  • Catnip and/or soft cat treats (optional)
  • One small square of Saran Wrap



1. Mix cat food and optional ingredients in a medium-size bowl. Mix should primarily be cat food, with treats mixed in as you would add chocolate chips to cookie dough. 

(Photo Credit: Jane Harrell) 



2. Fill each plastic cup with about 1/4 - 1/2 an inch of the mixture. Flatten mixture by stacking cups one inside another. Place saran wrap over top cup to avoid freezer burn and place in freezer overnight. 

(Photo Credit: Jane Harrell) 


3. The next morning, run the bottom-most cup under warm tap water until you can pull it free of the other cups and pop out the catsicle. Place catsicle disk in a deep bowl (to avoid messes) and let stand approximately five minutes or until the outside starts to "sweat".

(Photo Credit: Jane Harrell) 


4. Present catsicle to cat. Watch her enjoy!

(Photo Credit: Jane Harrell)