Monday Motivation: Feline Fitness (with a gorgeous guy!) August 07 2017

Ok, so we've got a bit of a confession...

We also thought maybe you'd all get a little enjoyment out of our latest obsession. (besides our cats!) 

Here at Meowingtons, our whole lives revolve around cats. I mean, of course right?! So naturally we end up incorporating our kitties into our healthy life-style regimes, which includes exercising on a regular basis.

We've done Yoga with Cats in Miami, Florida, as well as countless home and office workouts together with our beloved babes. As we were searching for new and fun workouts to do with our kitties, we came across this guy...

(😻 enjoy ladies...and gentlemen!!😻 )



Cat Fam, meet Travis DesLaurier.



He's not only absolutely GORGEOUS, but he's also a major cat lover! Swooooon!! 

So now instead of us watching the 'standard' workout videos that we can do with our cats, we just watch this guy. Like all the time. (we still do try to get a bit of work done!)

We may not always follow the workouts, but you know, they motivate us... ;-)

In need of a little Monday motivation to kick-start a healthy week? Or maybe just a little something to help take your mind off the fact that it's Monday, again?!

Here ya go! (thank us later xo)