Motivation Monday: Furry Felines Serious About Fitness April 24 2017

We all need a little Monday Motivation from time to time to help kickstart our week and make it a healthy one. These furry fitness felines are showing us how it's done!


I'z be benchin' triple my weight! Can you?


Little Yogi in the making.


Come on, I can do dis...3 more kilomeowtres to go!


Meowlympics here I'z come!


Couples who train together, remain together!


And 1, and 2, and 3 and 4.


Balance ball booty workout.


You callz dis an obstacle course hooman?!


All the gear, no idear!


My purr-sonal trainer is better than yourz!



Dis called Cat Capoeira!


Flexible felinez.


Beach body ready!


Just keep swimmin'.


Feline FitBit.


It's gettin' hot in hurr!


Cruel cat cardio.


Box dat mouse!


Barbells are life.


I'm bulkin', ok hooman!


Workin' on dat purr-fect body.


Dis a comfy bed I gotz.


Come on Sam, you'z can do it!


Hot yoga was lit.