Russian Cat Adopts and Nurses Baby Hedgehogs July 28 2017


Over the years, we've come across some pretty incredible cat stories - stories of cats doing heroic and amazingly unbelievable things! From alerting owners of a house-fire, to saving kids from dog attacks, and of course...cats adopting other animals and nursing them as their own.

A couple of months ago we shared a story of a mother cat who adopted and nursed an orphaned puppy who was just 3 days old. The puppy thrived and became one with the litter.

Little did we realize, there are tons of stories of mother cats adopting other orphaned animals. Animals such as baby hedgehogs! Eeeeeek (heart is going to explode)!

So, meet Muska. Muska the cat from Russia - a mother cat who recently adopted, and somehow managed to nurse the young and fragile brood of 8 baby hedgehogs.



Sadly, the baby hedgehogs mother was killed in a lawn-mowing accident which left the 8 prickly babes without a mother and milk to survive. 

After being found, Zookeepers at Sadgorod Zoo tried to feed them milk through a syringe, a bottle, and a saucer, but had no luck. The babies would not take the milk. They even used heating pads to stimulate their digestion and mimic the warmth of their mother, but nothing made them eat.

After two long days without food (milk), the helpers came up with the idea which they had heard previously worked back in 2012 - which was to take them to a nursing cat!

Muska the female cat had recently nursed and raised a litter of foster kittens and was still lactating. Workers at the zoo decided she was the perfect candidate to test the very unusual pairing. And well, who would have worked!

Muska kindly allowed them to hover against her, which in turn enticed the little guys to eat by the smell of her milk, and the warmth of her fur and body. Having not eaten for days, the hungry hedgehogs quickly latched on and began to nurse. 



The orphaned hedgehogs hungrily nursed for more than a week, while the sweet-natured cat looked after them and comforted them at night. 

Eventually the babies began to accept milk from a bottle, and food from a dish. Zookeepers told reporters in an article for Vesti that the hedgehogs are now thriving and love to spend their days eating, and sleeping. However, Muska still likes to look over them and make sure they're all doing alright!

The zoo's Instagram page @zoopark_vl, showcases a picture of one of the babies happily eating and lazing around in it's food dish.



Media director Alyona Asnovina of Sadgorod Zoo, said there's been an "invasion" of hedgehogs in eastern Russia this year, and hopes that these incidents will not be a regular occurrence.

Glad this one had a happy ending, all thanks to the wonderful, accepting female feline! <3