Stop What You're Doing And Look At This Camel-Riding Kitty August 23 2018

Breaking Mews: Cats and camels can be BFFs! 


Meet Minnark, a friendly little calico that hails from Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.

Minnark has a knack for camel riding - with the balance of a purr-fessional jockey!  




This chill cat doesn't mind using camels as its personal taxi service ...

And sees fit to use their long necks as bridges to wherever they need to go.

Going down!

Besides camelback rides, Minnark also gets lots of camel cuddles.

And I mean a LOT of cuddles!

Who knew that camels were so affectionate?

Minnark certainly doesn't seem to mind ...

In fact, the calico is a keen cuddler herself!

Lots of head rubs (neck rubs?) from this friendly feline.

And plenty of hugs! 

There's no shortage of toys for Minnark, not with the camels around!


And plenty of fun places to play and hide, and the camels don't seem to mind sharing.  

They're friends, after all! 

Have you ever seen a cat and a camel become best friends? Let us know in the comments!