Chicken N' Waffles Catnip Toy



Each Chicken N' Waffles Catnip Toy is stuffed with a premium blend of catnip and silver vine for maximum potency - and maximum cat enjoyment! Silvervine is an all-natural catnip alternative that is shown to attract cats that aren't normally affected by catnip. It contains two cat attractants that make it even more potent than catnip. And the Chicken N' Waffles Catnip Toy has a two-in-one premium blend of all-natural, non-addictive and pesticide-free catnip and silvervine - no feline will be able to resist!  Made of soft, high-quality plush with embroidered accents for extra adorableness, The Chicken N' Waffles Catnip Toy is a whimsical (and delicious) way to spice up your cat's playtime. 

Chicken N' Waffles Catnip Toy Includes:

    • 1 Chicken N' Waffles Catnip Toy
    • Measurements: 13 cm x 10 cm x 3.5 cm
    • Each toy is stuffed with a blend of all-natural, pesticide-free catnip and silvervine harvested at peak of its flavor, color and potency
    • Catnip and silvervine locally grown and harvested in Denver, Colorado

Designed by Mad Cat

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