Zircon Gemstone Cat Necklace

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Meowww is right! This showstopping piece is certainly a must have. This beautiful cat necklace, featuring a foxy purple feline, will be sure to turn heads the next time you hit the town. This 14K white gold plated cat necklace features two elegantly cut purple zircon gemstones that come to life in the light. Two clear rhinestones and a white gold plated tail, finish off this look purrfectly and we paw-mise it won’t disappoint. If your kitties are anything like ours, they are true divas who are constantly reminding us who’s boss (and it ain’t us)! So maybe it’s time to channel your inner diva by slipping on this stunning piece. Warning: perhaps it’s best that you take it off before getting home though: you wouldn’t want to outshine the true king or queen!

Zircon Gemstone Cat Necklace Includes:

  • 14K White Gold Plated Brass Pendant
  • 2 Purple Cubic Zirconia Gemstones
  • 2 Clear Rhinestones
  • 14K Adjustable  White Gold Chain

ACCESSORIES Necklace Line.

Designed  by MEOWINGTONS

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